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Have peace of mind in the event of a fire.

Insurance claims are a hardship. We can help.

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Imagine trying to remember all that you had.  Could you do it?

How  We Help

Have you had the unfortunate experience or know someone who has lost everything in a wildfire? If you have, then you understand the emotional toll it can take on a family, as well as the hundreds of hours it takes to put together and document an insurance claim that the insurance company will accept and provide the maximum payout.

It is no secret that frustrations arise out of this difficult process. After all, you can just Google insurance problems after wildfires to see the thousands of stories that people share first hand.

After a devastating loss, many proactive homeowners and business owners hire their own private adjuster to deal with the insurance negotiations, and to maximize the payout. 

The services that Ready Set Claim LLC provide allow you to be better prepared for an insurance claim and is a useful tool for you and your private adjuster. 

Why It’s Important


→ Reduces time in creating inventory list

→ Helps with pricing research for each item

→ Shows quality of personal property items

→  Helps your agent determine accurate coverage

→  Allows for transparency

→  Shows quality of workmanship and building materials




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"We're so happy that we choose Ready Set Claim. We now have peace of mind in case of a fire."

Janet Lombardo
Sparks, NV

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